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What to Do When You Get Hurt on the Job

Getting hurt on the job is never an activity anyone looks forward to. But unfortunately, it happens from time to time, especially when you least expect it. Whether you’re looking for medical attention after an accident or trying to find the appropriate workers compensation clinic for injured postal workers, taking the necessary steps from injury to claim is important for the entire process.

Seek Medical Attention First

Before you even worry about workers compensation you’ll need to get medical attention first. You should survey the severity of the injury to determine whether or not it can be treated with a simple first aid kit or if you’re going to need a hospital for a more severe injury.

Get your personal health taken care of first: it’s always more important to be fully treated and taken care of than to worry about the paperwork.

Talk to Any Managers or Organization Leaders as Necessary

Talk to your shift supervisors, managers, or anyone else who holds a lot of responsibility in the organization. You don’t want to keep your supervisors in the dark about any kinds of injuries that happen while on the job. Failing to notify them can impede the process of getting proper workers compensation, especially for injured postal workers.

Don’t wait in notifying your supervisors or you will risk being able to get the compensation you need.

Complete Any Necessary Workers Compensation Forms

In order to qualify and receive workers compensation, whether you’re an injured postal worker or an employee of an organization, you’ll need to fill out any required paperwork given to you by your employer, supervisor, or manager. You may be expected to sign and/or complete forms A-9 and C-3.

Follow Up with Any Doctor’s Orders

Throughout the entire process, make sure that you’re following any of the doctor’s recommended medical suggestions to help you speed up the recovery process. Depending on your situation, you may be asked to attend an independent medical examination or attend a hearing regarding the case around the work related accident.

For injured postal workers and other federal government employees, reach out to us at Dr. Osler to learn more about federal workers compensation, ACS doctors, and how our office can help.

Common On-the-Job Injuries that Require a DOL Doctor

Common On-the-Job Injuries that Require a DOL Doctor

Getting injured on the job and going through federal workers compensation happens to many people, and it can be a difficult time for the worker and their family. Even when you are being careful and following all work procedures, you may find yourself in an unsafe situation or your body becoming worn down by the repetitive motions if the proper safety gear isn’t in place. While each person is unique their injury and experience when it comes to federal workers compensation, here are a few of the most common accidents and injuries that occur on the job.

Falling and Slipping

Falling down or slipping on something slick may not seem as serious to some, but it can actually cause serious damage. Whether an object has fallen down to the walkway and you have tripped, or there is spilled liquid in a pathway that caused you to lose control, you could end up in need of federal workers compensation.

Lifting Heavy Objects

Even with the best practices in place, lifting heavy objects can cause serious damage to your back and legs, and you could find yourself in need of a DOL doctor. Being out of work is scary for many people, and federal workers compensation can help you during your recovery so that you don’t miss paying the bills. Plus, DOL doctors can help you regain your strength and prevent future injuries from occurring.

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Auto and Heavy Machinery Accidents

If you operate automobiles or heavy machinery for work, accidents can occur that are not your fault. Federal workers compensation helps get you back on your feet after an accident like this happens. Remember that you can choose the DOL doctor that makes you the most comfortable and puts you first.

The Fundamentals of Federal Workers Compensation

If you’re starting a new federal job and are finding out about federal workers’ compensation (DOL), you may quickly find that workers compensation can differ slightly compared compensation offered in other jobs or even state systems.

Federal workers’ compensation (DOL) use different agencies to regulate workers compensation for federal employees, which results in a much different system than most people may be used to if they’re coming from a state-level or non-government job. No matter what state you live in within the country, your federal workers compensation (DOL) will apply across the entire nation and you’ll gain full benefits. The laws themselves may different from state to state, but your standards for federal workers compensation (DOL) will remain the same, which is useful for federal employees that may need to travel or relocate more than once.

A combination of compensation and reimbursement is offered to help cover medical bills during recovery as well as providing access to federal programs that assist with or specialize in rehabilitative therapy (e.g., physical therapy) when such treatment is necessary, depending on the severity of the work related injury.

Working alongside a federal workers compensation attorney is recommended in order to ensure that you are receiving full benefits from your workers’ comp.

If you have more questions about the federal workers’ compensation (DOL), whether you’ve just become a federal employee or you’ve been a part of a federal system for years, we can help in answering all of your questions that you have.

If you need medical assistance as a result of an injury while on the job, our team can help to get you back on the road.

The Risks Are Real

Federal employees face all kinds of physical risks in their day to day work. TSA agents risk injury from disgruntled travelers or those who would do harm. Postal workers deal with repetitive motion and manual work that includes long walking routes and heavy packages. Military personnel find themselves in the line of duty facing the rigors of training and the physical difficulty of military service. These are just a very short list of potential risks that are experienced by federal workers.

Fortunately, the Department of Labor offers federal workers compensation plans that provide federal workers with a safety net in case of injury. This safety net ensures that injured federal workers receive both the medical treatment that they need and the financial compensation that they deserve.

If you are a federal employee, it is imperative that you make yourself aware of the provisions made by the DOL to you so that you can proceed appropriately in the event of an on the job injury. Don’t face the risks without knowing that you are protected if something happens to you while working that could affect your ability to maintain your workload and steady income.

If you have questions, talk to a DOL doctor about your options and make sure that you get the help you require.



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